Welcome to Lincoln Junior High!


Lincoln Junior High is a 6th-8th grade campus. We are nestled in the piney woods of Coldspring Texas.  Our campus is home to almost 350 students.

Our vision at Lincoln Junior High

is we believe in building servant leaders

while creating opportunities for all. 


The mission of Lincoln Junior High

is to model and develop an

equipped Trojan with the necessary
traits and skills to be a successful

servant leader in life.

Our Classes


6th grade students have 2 math classes to reinforce what they are learning.  We also offer math labs and Read 180 for struggling students. We have Pre-Advanced Placement (PAP) for all core classes to provide students who wish to challenge themselves. Please visit  the classes page for more details.

Faculty and Staff

Teaching Staff


Here at Lincoln Junior High we are a family.  Our teachers have over 20 plus years of experience collectively. All new teachers have a mentor and we all participate in weekly PLC meetings where we learn how to be better at our craft. 

Support Staff


We have the best support staff. They take pride in our school and work hard everyday to make our school the best place for our students! They are a vital part of our family. 

Lincoln Junior High                               
13605 TX-156                                         Fax:  936-653-3688   
Coldspring, TX 77331                              Phone: 936-653-1166 
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